/ December 2015 /

    Putting northern Italy in #tureksviewfinder

    / November 2015 /

    This is how you get a table at Alinea in Chicago....shoot it for Food & Wine.

    / October 2015 /

    I don't know what happened here....out in Seattle my assistant face planted into the barley used to make the first peated whisky in the US.

    / September 2015 /

    Evidently horses like cameras. Back in Yorkshire shooting more for my Holiday & Home project.

    / July 2015 /

    ...and back to Scotland again, twice in two weeks! From my #EatingAloneInScotland series

    / June 2015 /

    Back to where it all started for me, shooting inside the Puck Building, where I first had work exhibited 15 years ago. Now a restaurant.

    / June 2015 /

    Western Scotland, definitely one of my favorite places.

    / April 2015 /

    Doing a story with Fatima Bhutto, going from Pakistan to India, crossing the border on foot.

    / April 2015 /

    In the BVI for British Airways. Shooting film underwater, those 36 exposures are almost more precious then air.

    / April 2015 /

    Shooting burgers in a Brooklyn backyard for Saveur

    / March 2015 /

    Filming a video project for Elegant Resorts all over NYC

    / March 2015 /

    Prints from my ongoing personal project are exhibited at Picturehouse

    / March 2015 /

    Back in the studio, photographing quadruple amputee Travis Mills for his book cover.

    / February 2015 /

    Suited and booted with designer Zang Toi and Thor Halvorssen of the Human Rights Foundation. We hosted a one-night charity event featuring my images of Zang Toi’s collection, with proceeds going to the Human Rights Foundation.

    / January 2015 /

    Using friends for models on an early morning shoot at Cherche Midi the day after New Year's - true love.

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