/ December 2012 /

    Rolling deep with Departures in LA photographing a bunch of designers. Greg Lauren gave us the quote of the week, "Creativity is the new luxury."

    / November 2012 /

    Mario Batali teaching Jimmy Fallon how to boil pasta for Food & Wine. I learned that you should add a little pasta water to the sauce to thicken it up...counterintuitive, but it the startchy water works.

    / October 2012 /

    Waiting for the sunrise over Bali, viewed from an incredible temple which explains the sarong and head band.

    / October 2012 /

    A week onboard a charter boat sailing around Indonesia's Banda Islands. I received my long overdue scuba license in August specifically for this job.

    / September 2012 /

    In the Dominican Republic at the Casa de Campo resort...horses and boats, probably the two things I most frequently find on assignments.

    / September 2012 /

    Outside Abu Dhabi for the Ritz Carlton.

    / August 2012 /

    I'm trying not to be Tom Colicchio's catch of the day, Food & Wine.

    / July 2012 /

    With the BlueZones team in Ikaria, Greece on a project about how and why so many people live past 100 there.

    / July 2012 /

    Staying dry in British Columbia for Departures.

    / May 2012 /

    4x5 shoot at Aerin Lauder's place out in Long Island

    / April 2012 /

    Food & Wine 2012 Best New Chefs cover shoot.

    / March 2012 /

    In Savannah, Georgia for Departures. All subjects need a little persuasion sometimes.

    / March 2012 /

    In Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands for Coastal Living. I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses a few moments after this photo was taken, bounced off my head and splash.

    / February 2012 /

    Working outside LA on a pharmaceutical campaign.

    / January 2012 /

    Rrrrr matey - Food & Wine job in San Francisco...they eye patch helps on long days looking through the viewfinder and closing the other eye.

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